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Wile 65 Grain Moisture Meter

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Wile 65 Grain Moisture Meter,Jual wile 65 moisture meter

Wile 65 has the same proven measurement properties than Wile 55. Additionally it offers a graphic text display and temperature measurement with the optional external temperature probe.

*Moisture read out for 16 different grains
*Alphanumeric display for easy use
*Use an external temperature probe
*Automatic temperature compensation
*Average calculation (99 measuremens)
*Adjustment of the measurement to conform to the result of oven drying as a reference value or to other referense
*Moisture Measurement range: 8-35% (grain and seeds)
*Moisture Measurement range: 5 -25% (oil seeds)
*Measurement repeatability: ± 0,5% moisture or better



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