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Grain Moisture Meter Kett PM650

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Grain Moisture Meter Kett PM650 , KETT PM650 Instant Multiple Moisture Tester

Seed Moisture Meter and Grain Moisture Meter – Advanced Portable – Instant Measurement

The latest premier portable from Kett.

Similar to the PM450, the PM650 provides additional flexibility and versatility. Over 150 factory calibrations are available and we can provide custom calibrations is required. A bias adjustment is available to correlate the measurement values with local standards, along with an optional printer that provides reports.

Battery operated and weighing less than three pounds, the PM650 is a tremendous tool for field work where many grain types require analysis.

*Measuring Prinnciple: Dielectric constant
*Applications: Grain, Seeds
*Measurement range: 1-40% (depent on products)
*Sample volume: 240 mL
*Operating temperature range: 0-40 °C
*Accuracy: 0.5% below 20%
*Display : LCD
*Power Supply : Alkaline batteries (1.5 V “LR6” x 4).
*Dimensions : 125 (W) x 205 (D) x 215 (H) mm
*Weight : 1.5 Kg
*Accessoris : Funnel, Sample cup, Brush, manual book PM650