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Elcometer 112 Wet Film Comb

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Elcometer 112 Hexagonal Wet Film Combs , Elcometer 112 Wet Film Comb

*These Hexagonal precision formed stainless steel wet film combs are long lasting, reusable and supplied in a range of thicknesses measuring up to 3000µm (120 mils)
*These six sided combs vary in size, giving either 24 or 36 measurement steps, depending upon the comb, thus providing increased accuracy

*Measuring Range: 25 – 3000 µm
*Dimension: 75 x 65 x 1 mm
*Weight: 20g

*ASTM D 4414-A, AS/NZS 1580, 107.3, BS 3900-C5-7B, ISO 2808-1A, ISO 2808-7B, JIS K 5600-1-7, NF T30-125, US Navy PPI 63101-000, US Navy NSI 009-32



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