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Coating Thickness Gauge CTG1300

Bona Indo Teknik



Coating Thickness Gauge CTG1300 , Alat Ukur Ketebalan Cat CTG 1300

*Measuring principle: magnetic induction (Probe F), Eddy current (probe NF)
*Measuring range: 0 to 1300 µm (0 to 51.18mils) (Probe F and NF)
*Accuracy: ± (3%+2µm) , (Probe F and NF)
*Resolution: 0 um – 99.9µm (0.1µm) ; 100µm – 999µm (1µm) ; 1000 µm – 1300µm (0.01mm)
*Calibration: one point to four point calibration, zero point calibration
*Data group: one direct group (reading not be stored to memory), four general group (reading will be stored a automatically), Note: each group have individual statistics, alarm limit settings and multi-point calibration
*Statistics: no. of readings, mean, minimum, maximum and standard deviation
*Units: um, mm, mils
*Alarm: user can set the high/low alarm limit, alarm icon displayed on LCD when over the limit
*Minimum curvature radius convex: 1.5mm
*Minimum curvature radius concave: 25mm
*Minimum measuring area: diameter 5mm
*Minimum thickness of substrate: 0.5mm (Probe F), 0.3 mm (Probe NF)
*Maximum measuring rate: two reading per second
*Computer interface: download data via USB
*Power supply: two 1.5V AAA battery
*Operation environment: temperature (0-40˚C); humidity: 20 to 90% rh
*Storage environment: temperature: -20 to 70˚C
*Standard compliance: ROHS CE WEE
*Size: 110 x 53 x 24 mm
*Weight: aprox. 84g


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