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Speedy Moisture Tester

Bona Indo Teknik



Speedy Moisture Tester , Alat Laboratorium Mekanika Tanah

Media Teknologi : SO-430; SPEEDY MOISTURE TESTER, AASHTO T-217
For determining the moisture content of soil by means of calcium carbide gas pressure meter.
Specification :
SO-432 Speedy Gauge; M/ C range 0-20 % , sens.: 0.2% , smple weight 20 gr, 1 Pc
SO-434 Speedy Balance; brass beam, cast alumunikum frame, 10 gr counter balance, 1 Pc
SO-435 Calcium Carbide; calcium carbide, 1 can
SO-436 Measuring Spoon; cast alumunium, 1 Pc
SO-437 Crushing Ball; steel ball, 2 Pcs
SO-438 Cleaning Brush; wooden / plastic holder, 1 Pc
SO-439 Carrying Case; wooden case with handle, 1 Pc


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